Common Terminology.

Barrel (US)

200 Liters / 53 Gallons (unless specified as a 30 gallon drum/113 Liters)


200 Liters / 55 Gallons

Fill Date

Date the product has been paced in the barrel

ISO Container

2,500 Liters / 6,613 Gallons

LPA - Liter of Pure Alcohol

A unit of absolute alcohol used in the EU it is one Liter of pure alcohol.


Ingredients that are used to distill the spirit (i.e. 60% Corn, 20% Wheat, 11% Malted Barley, 9% Rye)

PG - Proof Gallon

1 liquid gallon of spirits that is 50% alcohol (i.e. spirits that are 40% alc/ vol is 80 proof)

Purchase Order

Legally binding document created by buyer and presented to the vendor which lays out order details including, but not limited to, product, quantity, payment terms, and delivery details. Click here for our standard Purchase Order document.

RLA - Regauged Liter of Alcohol

For barreled product this is after the evaporative losses have been taken into account.


1,000 Liters / 275 Gallons

Transfer in Bond

Transfer in bond (TIB) is a one time document approved by the TTB to allow bulk spirits to be transferred in bond from one DSP to another DSP. Each time a shipment is made, paperwork about the bond information must be included but the TTB does not need to sign a new TIB. Step-by-step informative document on how to file for a Transfer in Bond.

Wine Gallon

Standard US Gallon

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