Contract Production

end-to-end alcohol packaging service.

The Strategic Sourcing Hub manages packaging logistics for numerous Distilled Spirits Plants (DSPs). With automatic, semi-automatic, and manual bottling lines, as well as labeling capabilities for round or square bottles, The Strategic Sourcing Hub provides expert end-to-end packaging service for numerous DSP’s in the alcohol beverage industry.

End-to-End Supply Chain Services

  • Raw material and ingredient procurement
  • Bonded warehouse for finished goods and ingredient storage
  • Freight logistic management throughout the US
  • Importing and exporting management and logistics
  • TTB Compliance
  • NYSLA Price Posting & Brand Registration
  • Full-service packaging for bottled products

Packaging Capabilities

  • Criveller 500-1,000 bottles/hour filler
  • Bottles: 375 ml – 1,750 ml bottles
  • Closures: T-Cork, Twist Caps
  • Labels: Pressure Sensitive Roll labels
  • Cartons: 6 and 12 pack cartons
  • Semi, fully automatic and hand bottling

Liquid Processing

  • Liquid receiving: Tankers, Totes, Drums & Jugs

Regulatory Compliance

  • Federal TTB permitted for distilled spirit packaging
  • Registered manufacturer with the FDA
  • New York State Department of Health Certification


  • NYS Health Department
  • Kosher

Quality Control & Assurance

  • GMPs and SOPs
  • Hourly checks on critical product specifications and parameters
  • Analytical measurements of ABV, Specific Gravity/Brix. Titratable Acidity. pH., Volatile Acidity
  • Sensory evaluation including: benchmarking, profile matching of blends to approved standards
  • All food grade quality equipment

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